Our Leadership


A4C is led by a full-time campus minister, an associate minister, and several student leaders.  Our officers work as liaisons to the different groups we are responsible to:  the President and Secretary/Treasurer keep us connected as a registered student organization on the University of Arizona campus, while our ACMF Board Student Representative speaks for student interests on our governing board, the Arizona Campus Mission Foundation (ACMF).  The Student Ministers assist our campus minister in planning events and lessons that embody the four branches of our ministry under Christ.  

This could be you
Campus Minister

We are currently looking for a new Campus Minister to join our team. Do you have a heart for college students? Do you love sharing God with students and their friends? Do you like adventure?

If you think you might be a good fit for our campus minister position, please check out our Career page and consider applying.  We are excited about adding to our team to continue to do the work here in Arizona. 

Jessica Knapp PhD
Associate Campus Minister

Jessica moved to Tucson in 1999 as a grad student at the University of Arizona.  She was a member of Ambassadors 4 Christ and taught math courses at the U of A, first as a grad student and then as an adjunct professor. She graduated in 2006 with her PhD in Mathematics Education from Arizona State University.  After graduation, Jessica worked as a professor of mathematics at Pima Community College for several years while also volunteering for 14 years as a youth minister. Before moving here, she earned a BA in Public Relations and a BS in Mathematics from Pepperdine University, and still loves the beach (and Humpback Whales).


Jessica married her husband and fellow adventurer in life in 2001.  They met through A4C. Together they have produced three adorable little ones. She loves working with students, reading, singing, teaching, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and traveling. She has a passion for talking about God and all things chocolate.

Officers and Student Ministers

Myla Hooker
Jacob Bowles

Jacob is a junior Electrical Engineering major in the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona. He is an Eagle Scout and likes long walks in the woods (just kidding...well maybe not). He likes to do home improvement projects around the house. He hopes to work for Raytheon someday. Jacob really enjoys serving the community with projects and hands on activities.

Officers and Student Ministers

Sarah McClue

Sarah is a Sophomore at the U of A. She is studying literature and linguistics. Sarah grew up in Mexico and speaks Spanish fluently. She loves her dog Luna.

Andrew Morgan.jpg
Andrew Morgan

Andrew is currently a freshman at Pepperdine University, but he is joining us in Tucson for the year. He is a double major in both religion and mathematics. He also enjoys musical theatre and In-n-Out Burger. He doesn't know what he wants to be when he gets out of college, but he is open to suggestions. Andrew would also like to let you know that A4C is so important to him because they are devoted to sharing and teaching the Gospel with college students.

Alex student leader.jpg
Alex Bailey

I'm a sophomore at Pima Community College. I'm a Vocal Music major I want to sing county when I get older. When I'm not singing I like to ride my bike and bake. My favorite thing to bake french macaroons. I like A4C because it helped me find my place in the church and helped me build my confidence. The people are friendly and really inviting

Sam student leader.jpg
Samantha Stracy

My Name is Samantha Stracy I am a first-year college student at Pima Community College I am undetermined on my major.

This is my first year as an A4C student leader. I'm quite dorky and very interesting to talk to. My favorite thing to do right now is to learn about music. One item on my bucket list that has been on the list for a while is to learn to surf.

ACMF Board Student Representative

We are looking for a student to be our board representative.  We will hold an election in the Spring.