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Ambassadors for Christ (A4C) is a registered student organization on the University of Arizona campus. Our affiliation allows us the opportunity to hold events on campus for students.  We also have membership on the University Religious Council, a group which aims to ensure the safety of students when engaging with religious groups on campus. A4C welcomes all students to be members of our organization, regardless of their religious beliefs. 


A4C is funded and overseen by the Arizona Campus Mission Foundation (ACMF), which is supported by four Churches of Christ in Tucson and many alumni across the nation. Our mission aims to reach students attending the University of Arizona and Pima Community College. Our full-time campus minister, Jesse Warren, is an employee of the ACMF Board and a recognized affiliate of the U of A. 


A4C's mission statement is, "Living Life in the Shadow of the CROSS." The CROSS outlines the major outlets of our campus ministry, as seen in the diagram to the right. Our goal is to honor Christ in everything we do. The remaining four letters in the CROSS are the four ways in which  we aim to accomplish this goal:  Relationships, Outreach, Service, and Spiritual Growth. We desire for each of our events to further our goal of honoring Christ in each of these areas. 

Arizona Campus Mission Foundation


PO Box 43997

Tucson, AZ 85733

Contact Us!


Jessica Knapp, Associate Campus Minister


See For New Students page to send us your contact info!  

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